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Staff Profile – Nigel Watson, Underwriter

Q: How long have you been working for Rural Affinity?

Nigel: I started working at Rural Affinity in August 2011, and then became a full time employee in January 2012.


Q: What was your previous role?

Nigel: Before joining RA I was an Insurance Broker in country Victoria for 10 years. Prior to that I worked on our family property in the Riverina in NSW.


Q: What’s the strangest think you’ve ever been asked to arrange cover for?

Nigel: As a Broker there were a wide variety of requests on types of cover required, but the strangest thing would have to be the nudist colony situated along the banks of the Murray River.


Q:What do you miss most about being a farmer?

Nigel: Our property was in Southern NSW at Moama. The property was about 3000ha in size, 49ha of the porperty was a citrus orchard growing oranges and grapefruit. We bred shorthorns and had 300-350 head of shorthorn cows, 1500-2000 merino ewes and also grew cereal crops on about 1200ha annually. The main thing I miss is seeing the produce we grew, open spaces and also the fresh air.


Q: What’s the difference between broking and underwriting?

Nigel: As a Broker you represent the client so you are always looking for the best policy and pricing. As an underwriter you assess the risks differently making sure we are insuring properties that suit our guidelines.


Q: If you could be a famous sports person who would you be?

Nigel: Too many to choose from, so a golfer in the top 10 so I could travel the world enjoying what I what I was doing.


Q: Favourite Sport?

Nigel: AFL.


Q:Favourite Team?

Nigel Essendon