The fresh approach to Rural Insurance - Rural Affinity

Welcome to the first edition of Rural Affinity’s newsletter. The newsletter will include a mix of news and information relating to the agricultural insurance industry, information on commodity prices, seasonal climate and weather and relevant information about Rural Affinity and its products.

Rural Affinity is in its 8th year of operation and has enjoyed the support of Great Lakes and the Munich Reinsurance Company throughout that time. In 2008, Munich Re (via its wholly owned subsidiary Corion) took a 50% shareholding in Rural Affinity. This unique arrangement allows Rural Affinity to deliver the security and stability offered by Munich Re, combined with the service and responsiveness of a niche market underwriting agency. The continuity of relationship with GLA and Munich Re means Rural Affinity is able to offer consistency in product and pricing from one season to the next and into the future.

In recent years Rural Affinity has introduced several innovative product options. The Market Value option (Broadacre policy) is one that is growing in popularity, with many insured’s and their brokers identifying the benefit in coverage accuracy, combined with lower premiums. If you would like any further information about the Market Value option or any other product, please contact Sarah Hando (Underwriter–Crop) or one of our Account Managers, Mike Kilborn or Ross Butler on (02) 9496 9300.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our brokers and their clients for your ongoing support and we wish you and your customers all the best for the rest of this season.