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Hail Storms Batter the AFL States

A series of storms have caused severe damage to crops in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria.

Western Australian crops were struck by widespread storms on the 18th and 22nd of October and then again on the 10th and 28th of November. The storms caused significant damage to broadacre crops throughout the majority of grain growing regions in the state. The Frankland River winegrowing region has also been hit hard with many crops deemed a total loss.

South Australian and Victorian crops were also damaged by a large storm on the 3rd of December. The storm mainly affected the border shires of Buckingham in South Australia and West Wimmera in Victoria. Damage levels have been reported as ranging from light to severe.

New South Wales and Queensland have had a relatively low hail season this year with some late damage to broadacre crops in the Cootamundra area and early hail damage to some cotton crops in the Gunnedah and Narrabri areas.