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Jock Tolmie, our Graduate Trainee, takes us on a personal tour of his home town, Cootamundra.

Cootamundra is set in the heart of the Southwest Slopes of New South Wales.  The township hosts a strong sense of community and belonging, with the absence of the pressures of cities. The proximity to both larger regional centres and capital cities creates an affordable lifestyle offering access to education, health, rail, retail, industry, cultural services, sports and much more, which makes Cootamundra an attractive place to call home.

Despite several years of drought and difficult conditions better seasons have aided the town’s economy with strength in diversified farming, industry, professional businesses and enterprises. Cootamundra is also the renowned birthplace to sporting great, Sir Donald Bradman. Being one of the iconic sporting figures of Cootamundra this has facilitated tourist attractions such as Bradman’s Birthplace and the historic captains walk. Both attractions are compelling regardless of your attitude to sport.

When I was growing up in Coota it was easy to take the little things for granted like the extra freedom as a young child to ride your bike to school or to sports training. Even the friendly greeting from strangers, although I was not sure who they were they invariably knew me or recognised me as a member of our family. It was only once I moved to a city that I realised the perils of my carefree childhood