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Claims Update

The Rural Affinity website is in the process of being updated to include a section specifically for claims. The claims tab will allow you to access all the required information and notification forms in one convenient place. 

Our claims notification forms are also being updated. All cropping claims will be able to be lodged on one easy to use form.

Cropping and Livestock Claims

All cropping and livestock claims are administered directly by Rural Affinity.  For crop claims we will appoint a third party loss adjustment company to assess your loss.  Some livestock claims are straightforward and can be paid simply by providing a veterinarian’s certificate.

Claim notification forms should be emailed to:

Any enquiries should be directed to our Claims Manager Chris Lawes who can be contacted on (02) 9496 9312.

Farm Pack Claims

Innovation Group (Claim Services), formerly Claim Services Australia, manage and settle all farm pack claims on behalf of Rural Affinity.

Innovation Group operates two centralised claims management centres in Sydney and Melbourne and is supporting by its regional assessing network.

All correspondence regarding farm pack claims should be through Innovation Group and not Rural Affinity.

Farm Pack claim notification forms should be emailed to:  This email address automatically forwards to Innovations Group.

Innovation Group can be contacted on: Ph: 1300 660 337 or Fax: (02) 9524 6566

Coming Soon – Online Lodgement of Claims

We are currently in the process of developing an online claims lodgement system.

This will allow brokers to lodge claims in an easy and efficient process through the Rural Affinity website.