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Staff Profile – Vidette Moore

Q: What’s your role at Rural Affinity?

Vidette: Farm Pack Team Leader.


Q: How long have you been working at Rural Affinity?

Vidette: About 18 months.


Q: What did you do before joining Rural Affinity?

Vidette: I was in the music industry working at various venues and record labels with some really great bands .


Q: Moving from the music industry to insurance underwriting is quite a leap, what led to the change of direction?

Vidette: My partner and I made a Tree change, moving from inner city Sydney to the Hawkesbury River. I fell in love with the area and became more interested in agriculture.


Q: What are the highlights from your time working in music industry?

Vidette: There were a lot of amazing shows and parties, but nothing beats a shout out from a band onstage or in their CD sleeve notes.


Q: You’re also studying at the moment, what are you studying and where?

Vidette: I am studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at UNE via correspondence and with the exception of the chemistry subjects, I am really enjoying it!