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Staff Profile – Sigi Dobry Account Manager

What did you do before joining Rural Affinity?

Where to start? I suspect you refer to work but I can’t help myself boasting about the 9 month trip around Australia in a battered old campervan when I migrated here (from Germany) almost 20 years ago. As for work, I started my Australian career in 1996 with FAI before joining MMI/Allianz and later QBE/Elders. From 2007 to 2014 I was part of the team which launched and expanded Great Lakes Australia in the Australian market.

What is your role at Rural Affinity?

I am the account manager for Queensland and Western Australia, busily learning all about our business from all my colleagues. I am also secretly plotting to replace Sauvignon Blanc with Riesling as the white wine of choice amongst my fellow workers.

How long have you worked in the Insurance Industry?

My father thought that an apprenticeship in insurance was just the right thing for me back in 1978 which makes it 36 years – goodness me. I did take a few breaks though since, driving around in army trucks during my military service, studying industrial engineering and of course the best ever journey around Australia I mentioned earlier.

What are the biggest change(s) in the insurance industry since you started?

The most obvious change is no doubt the dramatic advance in data technology and communication. However it is just as fascinating that personal contact and service still beat the computer when securing a business relationship.

If you were not part of the insurance industry what would you like to do?

My parents own a pub in Munich, in fact my mum is still managing it at the tender age of 80. There would have been an alternative career path. I am also a volunteer life saver, I could imagine working with some of Australia’s volunteer organisations.