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2015 is drawing to a close and it’s been a roller coaster ride for those of us involved in rural and agricultural insurance.  After a series of seasons which saw low storm and loss activity in general, mother nature showed her nasty side in 2015.

Severe storms struck northern NSW in late March, severely impacting cotton crops and farm infrastructure in general.  A similar event occurred across southern QLD and northern NSW in late August, occasioning severe losses to winter crops and farm property.  Further severe hail storms occurred near Lake Grace on 17 October shortly followed by more severe storms around Southern Cross, then more storms in southern QLD and northern NSW and then southern NSW.

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Major Claim Events

There have been a number of large hail events that have caused severe damage to winter crops in several regions of Australia.

A large hail storm on the 24th of August caused severe damage to crops growing in Northern NSW around the Moree shire as well as losses in the Southern QLD shire of Waggamba and surrounding areas. – Read More –

Canadian Exchange

Sarah Hando, Rural Affinity Operations Manager, updates us on her exchange to Canada earlier this year:

Earlier this year, Great Lakes Australia very kindly organised a month-long placement for me at Temple Insurance, Munich Re’s local Canadian insurer. Based in Toronto, Temple Insurance writes agency business and large single risks, both property and casualty. – Read More –